Sir! Why do you have such a big baggage?

It has been awhile since I last blog about anything. I've written this one down a couple of weeks back & only managed to post it to LJ now.

Baggage – define in the dictionary: trunks, suitcases, etc., used in traveling; luggage. But what I wanted to comment here is more like things that encumber one's freedom, progress, development, or adaptability; impediments: examples like intellectual baggage that keeps one from thinking clearly; neurotic conflicts that arise from struggling with too much emotional baggage.

Why is it that all of us have baggage? Or at least most people I know have baggage. Is it because we can’t move on? Is there something unconsciously blocked our way? In the past weeks, I’ve come across some of my friends who experienced this kind of baggage. Unwilling to let go of the past, is the most common baggage. Somehow, this group of people didn’t realize that they have been carrying this baggage. It is like a secret compartment in your bag. One day, when you going through your personal stuff, you realized that there is this secret compartment and it started to spill out.

Be it, seeing your ex in someone else’s arms or seeing your enemy having the upper hand now, all these will suddenly stir the baggage within you. Then you started to think, worry and ponder. You sometimes feel lousy, angry, deceived or betrayed. Whatever it is, I don’t think it is anything positive. Which makes me think of another point; why baggage is usually fills with negative stuff? I guessed it has to; or else it won’t be known to be impediment to our freedom, progress or development.

Next question I would ask is why we carry this baggage? Do we know that we are carrying them and if we knew, do we know the contents of it? Is there any purpose for carrying this baggage? Well, if I’m traveling and I need to carry a large amount of clothing and other personal stuff, which will be useful to me during my trip, I would find a luggage to contain it. This will be my traveling baggage.

But in life’s journey, we pack as we go along. All our experiences, be it good or bad, are imprinted in our minds. We feel it. Sometimes we even taste it or even hold them. All these are collected and are kept in our own “luggage”. So in the end it became our internal/ self baggage. Good or bad, all of it thrown in ….without being sorted.

Should one do some “spring cleaning”? Should it be a yearly affair like when my grand parents would clean up their house, once a year; preparing for the Chinese Lunar New Year? Or should it be more frequent than that? If yes, how often do we do checks on our baggage?

I think as we get older, it’s harder to do this “spring cleaning” of our baggage. Don’t know why. Maybe, like most people, our bodies will get weaker as we get older. Has the baggage morphed into our souls and mind over a period of time without us realizing it? Maybe, it has affected our personality and the way we look at life or how we judge certain things?

Certain religious teachings advocate the detachment of such baggage. Knowing that it will impede in our progress or development, we must get rid of it. But how? I think it is not easy as for some people, they don’t even realized that they have it… some even as big as the LV trunk!! Or if they know they have it, some are in denial mode. “Oh! It’s nothing serious. Just a phase. I will snap out of it in no time”.

“Letting it go” – I would usually adopt that stance. Be in peace with yourself.
I know that letting things that are so attached to oneself will not be easy. People will have to learn to let go of certain things, no matter how painful it is. To some people, it will not easy to just “let it go” but for the moment, they have to learn to lock it and throw away the key. Perhaps baggage is not meant to be thrown but simply to just put it away.

One hot afternoon at Chatuchak Market

It was Sat and we decided to go to Chatucak Market for lunch & a bit of shopping. It was a blazing hot afternoon. After walking around the bazaars; only for twenty mins, I was soaked wet!!

We had lunch at one of the stalls in the bazaar. The fried chicken was superb. The mango salad was good as well. In a hot weather like this, nothing quench your thirst more than Coke. I love the design on this Coke can. The picture on the plate was funny too.. a moon fairy. Haha.....

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They are some beauiful flowering plants being sold there as well. As we were shopping around, we saw this shop selling water features. They have different sizes and types of water features. He wanted to get one as someone told him that it is a good fengshui to have water at home. So, I bought this round ceramic water feature for him... it is nice. I wouldn't mind getting one for myself.

This is how it looks like ; the water feature after setting up at the table at his home. Nice right? During the night, as we sleep we can hear the faint sound of water gushing out from this water feature. Quite soothing...

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Got back to Singapore on Monday evening.

Penang trip - Aug 07 (Part 3)

I took a bus back from Penang to Singapore. It was a very long journey back. Luckily I managed to sleep a bit on board.

These are pictures taken on the Penang Bridge.... crossing the bridge (on the morning; going back to Singapore).

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Then, along the way, suddenly we got into a slow traffic... seems like a traffic jam. Immediately, I was thinking, "Oh my God, we going to have a traffic jam now!!... in the middle of the highway. Can't be!". As it turned out, there was a truck overturned in the middle of the highway, which is causing the traffic jam. The truck was carrying some vegetables. Seems like it is heading somewhere south, like KL, JB or even Singapore.

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Believe it or not, I left Penang at 9.30am and I reached Singapore (@ Beach Rd) at 9.30pm. Can faint!!***


Penang trip - Aug 07 (Part 2)

A trip to Penang without tasting the local delights is like going to Disneyland & not seeing Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

Penang food has never let me down. Cheap and good. But over the years, prices have gone up or the bowl/ portion has become smaller. But they are still worth you money spent.

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From top left (clockwise): Pasembur (Chinese indian rojak)/ Indian koay teow goreng / yam fritter / Siamese laksa (with coconut milk) / Popiah (chinese).

Penang trip - Aug 07 (Part 1)

Last weekend, I was in Penang for the Merdeka holiday (National Day). Malaysia celebrated their 50th year of independence on 31 Aug. I went out with my family for dinner at this Thai restaurant, Chilli Corner. The food was reasonably priced and they were quite good. It is located in a new upcoming development area around Burmah Rd.

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The restaurant is housed in the conservation shophouses, which still maintains the original tiles. I just love the old peranakan tiles.

Remembering the "Saint of the Gutters".

On 5 Sept 2007, it will be 10 years since the death of Mother Teresa (born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu). Born on 26 Aug 1910 , she was a Roman Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity and won the Nobel Peace Prize (1979) for her humanitarian work. For over 40 years, she ministered to the needs of the poor, sick, orphaned, the forgotten and the dying in Kolkata (Calcutta), India.

Nobelist- Mother Teresa

I was reading an issue of Time, covering the secret life of Mother Teresa. Do you know that they found her letters to her superiors and confessors, chronicled a belief that her prayers were spurned or empty?

Time Cover

She spent almost 50 years without sensing the presence of God in her life. Although perpetually cheery in public, in Teresa’s letters, she often described her life filled with deep and abiding spiritual pain. At one point, it has driven her to doubt the existence of heaven and even of God. Mother Teresa is well aware of the contradiction she had in life. There was a discrepancy between her inner state and the public demeanor. “The smile”, she writes, is “a mask” or “a cloak that covers everything”. This discovery will lead to a whole new dimension to the way people perceive her to be.

I bought a DVD – Mother Teresa of Calcutta many months back and I have not seen it yet. I think now is a good time to take it out and watch it. It starred a Golden Globe award winning actress Olivia Hussey as Mother Teresa.
DVD - Mother Teresa

No matter what agony she had gone through, I truly admire Mother Teresa for her conviction in helping out the poor, the sick and the dying. She made every single attempt to make their life a better one; even for mere seconds.

Teresa ever told a priest, “Inside it is all dark and feeling that I am totally cut off from God”. Despite saying this, she continued her rounds, in this case to one of her homes for the dying.

Remembering Mother Teresa

Thus far, she has been beatified; the next step is canonization.

Beatification is considered to be a step towards being declared a saint, usually following the step of being declared venerable and preceding the step of canonization as a saint. Beatification is a recognition accorded by the church of a dead person's accession to Heaven (source: Wikipedia).

Pictures are courtesy of Time magazine.


Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty - magazine

I walked past a magazine rack this afternoon and noticed this new magazine. Though I don't buy much magazines except for occasional, Men's Health/ Details or Vougue Entertaining... I will try to keep abreast of the latest titles available here. I was surprised to see this new magazine on cosmetic surgery..... I think it is a Malaysian publication.

Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty

I can't believe it that they can publish a magazine specific on this topic. Are there so many readers out there to support such publication? I guessed to most people, beauty is more than just skin deep. Personally, I don't believe in cosmetic surgery unless it is needed in life threatening situation.

On the magazine, it says, Because Nobody's Perfect. It is true that nobody's perfect but we don't have to go through all these so that we can be perfect. I think it is the flaw in us that make us unique and so individual.
I believe in growing old gracefully.


Episode 8 - Northern Exposure (Brothers & Sisters)

I've missed out on commenting last week's episode.

In the last episode, we know that Tommy is sterile. In this episode 8, Tommy and his wife, Julia visited a clinic where they can find a sperm donor. Tommy felt uneasy over the whole thing as he really wants his kid to be a Walker. The whole thing about getting his wife to be pregnant and the thought of having someone else’s sperm swimming in her womb just stresses him out. He suggested that they take some time off and head for their family ranch for some quiet moment.
Julia: Are you alright?
Tommy: I know the idea is to find a donor like me, you know, same colour hair and eyes. But when I think about that guy’s sperm in you body, I just.... want to strangle him!
Julia: Let’s go home!
Tommy: I’m sorry. Look, you know what! We should go out of town. All this stuff is freaking us out. We go up to the ranch, just you and me and relax.
Julia: Okay.

Warren wanted Kitty to go away with him somewhere over the weekend. Even though, he is dating Amber, the blonde ambitious intern, he is still hopeful that there might be something between Kitty and him. Kitty finally agreed to his proposal and invited him to the ranch for a quiet weekend, on two conditions:
Warren: So, this weekend?
Kitty: On two conditions. One, you tell Amber exactly what’s going on. And two, if this didn’t work out with us, you will stop once and for all, you mid-day love confessions.
Warren: That’s a yes?
Kitty: That’s a yes.

Justin wants his girlfriend, Jordan to go up to the ranch so that he can show her the place he loved so much.

Sarah told her husband, Joe that she used to love growing up at the ranch. And she will miss it. Joe suggested that they secretly go up to the ranch that weekend and try to make their relationship/marriage work.

Nora wants to go up to the ranch too, hoping to salvage a wall panel which she and her husband, used to mark their children’s heights as they were growing up at the ranch. She remembers every summer, all the lovely & good times they had there at the ranch. She even suggested to her children to go up to the ranch as a family but none of them want to be part of this. Sarah has to break the news to the family that she and Tommy will be putting up the ranch for sale since they need money as the company is in financial crisis.

Nora asked David, the carpenter (whom she kinda likes) for a favour - to borrow his truck to go up to the ranch. She told hin that she wants to take out the wall panel. David was pleased and offered to drive her up to the ranch instead and help her to take out the wall panel.

Kevin hoping to patch things up with his relationship with his boyfriend, Scotty, also asked Scotty to come up to the ranch with him for that weekend.

In fact, the tree house at the ranch has significant meaning to three of the Walkers:

Sarah lost her virginity to a guy name, Tucker Booth there.
Kevin lost his virginity to Tucker Booth there as well.
Justin smoked his first pot with Tucker Booth in the tree house.

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Ratatouille ..... is a dish??

If a rat is going to cook my dish, it better washes its hands and it better be Remy.

In Ratatouille (latest from guys at Pixar), Remy, is a mouse who loves good food and appreciate the finer side of dining. Unlike any of his siblings, he doesn't pick up anything and gobble it down. He walks upright cause he doesn't want to dirty his hands, which he uses to pick up food. Inspired by his idol, Chef Gusteau, a five-ster chef, Remy has dreams of becoming a chef one day. Leading his life by Chef Gusteau's motto, that "Anyone Can Cook", Remy has always believe that anyone (even a rat)should be given a chance to try at cooking (something Remy is very passionate about).

Remy then met a boy, Linguini, whom has been hired as garbage boy cum kitchen cleaner. Having going from job to job, Luigini is your average guy who is just trying to make ends meet. Realised that he can communicate with Remy and Remy can cook, both decided to join hands and start a wonderful journey of frienship and new found cuisines.

Later, Remy finds himself torn between following his dreams being a chef in human world's kitchen or returning forever to his previous existence as a rat and being with his family & clan. Linguini also is torn between coming clean about his friend Remy or carry on pretending to be a wonderful chef; impressing a female colleague.

I truly enjoyed this movie (saw it at GV Marina - preview screening). A must see for any food lovers.

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Haha... my version of my Ratatouille friend. Have not done drawings for quite sometime now.. a bit rusty. Haha...

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A hot/ muggy afternoon.

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After having lunch with my friend at Beach Road, I took a bus back to my office. Decided to get off a few stops earlier and walked. Since the day was a bit cloudy, I thought it would be a good walk for me; afterall a good walk will do no harm, right? But it was bloody hot despite that it was cloudy. Very humid. I guessed it is like that after a rain in the afternoon.

I went down to Beach Road to get tickets to go back to Penang, this weekend. Yeah, a short break and visit my parents. Imagine I have to pay $92/- for two way. Sigh. Prices are higher during the weekend. Come next week it will be higher as the school holidays will start.

Since I passed Victoria Concert Hall on my way back to the office, I decided to pick up my ticket booking at SISTIC. I bought ticket for Kumar, The Queen for Sat 06 Oct @ 3pm (matinee show). Anyone going as well?

Walking back, I feel so sleepy; perhaps due to the lunch I just had. I just wish I can take half day off but I have a meeting later at 4 plus.